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To demonstrate a commitment to good corporate governance to investors fund vehicles should ensure that their boards contain an appropriate number of independent, non-conflicted directors.


Independence is key for effective corporate governance.

A director employed by a service provider or advisor of a vehicle cannot be truly independent and will find it difficult to avoid giving investors the impression of conflict of interest.
Our team only act as independent directors, managers or officers for third party investment companies. We are not affiliated with any fund administration group, custodian, management company or any other service provider, so can provide truly independent directors free from any potential conflict of interest.


All our directors have over eighteen years of experience working in the Luxembourg fund industry.

They have all occupied senior management roles in Luxembourg financial institutions. They currently serve on boards for regulated and unregulated fund structures, including SIFs, SICAVs, SOPARFIs and S.ár.l.s, covering UCITs, hedge funds and private equity vehicles


Capacity is a question of time availability.

Your investment company and its investors need to be confident that any independent director is able to commit the appropriate amount of time to ensure good governance.

There is a limit on the number of directorships that any individual can hold and still be effective in fulfilling their obligations to investors. However capacity is not a simple question of how many directorships an individual holds. Every relationship will have its own complexities and may involve a number of appointments within the same structure, for example using SPVs to hold specific investments or using a master / feeder structure.


The issue of evidencing real substance for investment vehicles has become increasingly important. Pressures on governmental budgets across Europe has led to tax authorities reviewing and challenging cross-border structures to prove genuine substance. Having independent directors 100% committed to Luxembourg, living and working permanently in the Grand Duchy without weekly cross border commutes to family homes in other locations reduces the risk of challenge on the Luxembourg substance of your investment company.

Our independent directors are full time Luxembourg residents and have been living and working in the country for at least the last eighteen years.

They have their family homes in Luxembourg, have no cross border commute into the country and no claim to residency that could be challenged.


Cgovt Track experience in administrating complex corporate structures across multiple jurisdictions
 Structure Governance and compliance of structures and investment funds
Independent Director of Corporate Structures investing in real estate and private equity
 Rinstit Interaction with legal and tax advisors from different jurisdictions
  Atome Directorships in SIF’s (Specialized Investment Funds) investing in Hedge Funds, Real Estate and Private Equity

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Pietro Longo

Independent Director
Pietro Longo is an Independent Director for Luxembourg Regulated Investment Funds, Management Companies and other Investment Vehicles.

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